Sunrise at Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta

Waterton Sunrise

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“Waterton Sunrise” at Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta
I had a limited amount of time at Waterton. 2 sunsets and 2 sunrises (which is how many photographers keep track of time) I knew I wanted to make those count. That did not really leave much time for scouting locations, and I just kind of happened to go to this one.

It was very windy. And quite cold. Pretty miserable actually. T I could see the famous ‘Prince of Whales Hotel’ from this location, but I also saw this big piece of drift wood and hoped it would work to be in the shot somehow.

The sun started to do its thing. The sky did not get brilliant pink or orange like every photographer who has 2 sunrise vacation days hopes for - but then I saw my chance to get a well placed sun flare shot with Mr. Driftwood. And then I saw the golden light reach across the haze on the lake in front of the mountain and I was thinking “ok this Is pretty cool”

Then the sun lit up those small pieces of driftwood on the rocks right in front of me as the sun flared in my lens and I was thinking “holy cow it is going to look like I know what I am doing, why aren’t there other photographers here, I am the only one seeing this right now - I better have a memory card in my camera”

I did!