Wartime (The End is Near)

Wartime (The End is Near)

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"Wartime (the end is near)" The Whales Mouth of a large storm in Saskatchewan overtakes an old Church in a small town.  

Taken in June of 2014, this shot has 2 of my favorite things combined, summer storms and old churches. I liked the apocalyptic good vs evil feel of this scene in a town aptly named "Wartime".

I first saw this church earlier in the year without my camera, outrunning a hail storm on my way home from work and I knew I wanted to come back to photograph it some time. This day I followed and photographed a storm from its initiation in Alberta, into Saskatchewan, and right to this little town as if it was meant to be.

The scene was ominous.  What can not be seen in the photo is the large black dog making its way towards me.  It made me think of the hounds of hell.  When I next looked over it was gone.