A tree during a saskatchewan sunrise with tracks leading to it

Walk Towards the Light

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"Walk Towards the Light" - A great Sunrise on the Canadian Prairies in the Land of Living Skies.  

I work in Northern Saskatchewan and it had been a long time since I had seen the sun with a camera in my hand. It had been very cloudy and gloomy every week I was at home, it was getting depressing. A friend texted me to say we might see a nice sunrise. I looked out the window and saw she was right!

I quickly grabbed my running shoes, a jacket, my camera and a tripod. I should have grabbed socks, gloves, a hat, winter boots and a winter coat, or at least a coat that could zip up…. but I didn't. It was -22C but -30c with the windchill. I was very happy to see the animal trail that lined up with the tree and sun, and even happier to see the photo actually turned out as envisioned.

This photo went on to receive more comments than any other photo I had ever posted anywhere. The most common question was "what are those tracks?" They are animal tracks - I've said probably coyote or deer. I didn't actually look….

These trees are on the quarter section along the road where we used to walk Shadow my female Great Dane. She loved to run in the snow like a goofball on sunny winter days, even as she got older. She had to be 'put down' about 6 months before this picture was taken, just weeks before her 12 birthday.

So when I look at this picture - to me those are her tracks.
“Walk Towards the Light”