The Big One

The Big One

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“The Big One”  A large thunderous shelf clouds storms across the Canadian Prairies by Kindersley Saskatchewan.  

This shot from July 17 2014 is still one of my favorite Saskatchewan storm photo’s I’ve been lucky enough to catch. I had flown to Saskatoon from work early, and left Saskatoon for Leader in my shiny new black truck. I knew there was a storm in Alberta, I checked my radar but thought I’d miss the action.

That changed about an hour later, the storms had formed a fast moving squall line and were now in Saskatchewan pushing East very quickly. At that point I could not have missed it if I wanted to. I didn’t want to.

I could see it approaching near Kindersley and drove off the highway to find something in the foreground. This Canola field had to do. When the winds hit I thought I had locked myself out of the truck, I could not open the door. I finally managed to get into the truck and blasted South to the highway. Things got dark, I heard what I assumed was hail hitting the side of my truck. It was actually the tops of the crop beside me being sheared off by the wind.

The next day I read reports of 137 km/h winds and quite a bit of damage. One farm in the area lost every building except for his house, which lost most of its windows.