Sunset Lightning

Sunset Lightning

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“Sunset Lightning”   A thunderstorm at sunset behind and old Fargo truck along the South Saskatchewan River dropping bolts of lightning.  

I got permission to go into this pasture to photograph this old Fargo truck less than 24 hours before taking this shot. I had a feeling that the sunset might be nice, so I picked up my mother drove out to get some shots.

I was set up taking photos of the sun flaring through the window when I noticed the storm moving in from the West. Then I saw the lightning! I changed compositions and my settings camera settings (F/11, ISO100, 1 second) to try to catch a bolt of lightning.

I put my finger on the shutter and let the camera snap away. The 3rd shot was the lucky one and I captured this well placed bolt of lightning behind the truck as the sun lit up the underside of the storm.