"Oh My God"

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“Oh My God” – taken June 26 2019 in SW Saskatchewan.

Quite often I don’t make it to this church on time when a storm is in the area so yesterday I picked up my mother and drove directly to the church and sat and waited for the storm to come to us.

And it came right to us.

2 years ago I got a photo of my home town grain elevator and a bolt of lightning, and called that one my “Bucket List Shot”. While doing interviews about that photo I was asked if I had any other bucket list shots I was hoping to get. I said I didn’t want to jynx it, so I wasn’t going to be too specific.

Well, this is it! This is it exactly!! On the churches 100th year!!!

Its now been 13 years of photographing the old church, I guess this time it was a lucky number.