Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky

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"Eye in the Sky" aka "The Great Awakening"

2 years ago today was the last day of Winter 2016. I was on my way home from a media event in Saskatoon where I had just received the 'CBC Future 40' award for my efforts in photographing Saskatchewan.

This big eye slowly started to form in the sky. I wasn't sure if what I was seeing was real, i'd never seen anything like it before. It really looked like a giant eye in the sky looking right at me. I was very close to home when I thought I better stop and take a quick photo before it vanished.

The photo shows a complete 22 degree sun halo, upper and lower tangent arcs, a rare parry arc and 2 infralateral arcs on the lower corners. Some whispy cirrus clouds above it form what looked like eyelashes.

Sun halo’s are believed by many traditional cultures to mark a time of great change. Things certainly have changed a lot in the 2 years since I took this photo.