Big Blue Sky

Ryan Wunsch Photography

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“Big Blue Sky”

I was honored to provide some photos to the Northern Pikes for their 30th anniversary "Big Blue Sky" tour. 

These calendars were made from some of my favorite Saskatchewan shots, and sold at their concerts .  The Calendars have been on tour with the legendary Canadian coast to coast on Canada's 150th year.  (the calendars are in pristine condition, they have not left their original packaging from the factory)

The tour has ended, and there are still a few calendars left, so I am making them available for purchase.  The rarest Calendar I offer for sale, and is a pretty neat project with a lot of Saskatchewan significance.  Limit of 3 per order due to limited numbers available.  

The Calendars are 11 inches wide, 17 inches tall, and printed on premium heavy glossy paper.

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