“Cameron Falls” at Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta

Cameron Falls

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“Cameron Falls” at Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta
It is an amazing place for photography. I remember my mother talking about how much she enjoyed the area when she camped there in the 1970’s. This year I chased storms very close to the park 4 different times and realized if I was that close for a 1 day storm chase trip that I should probably make the drive to visit the park itself some day.

In late September I took my mother back to Waterton. We timed it perfectly, the leaves were turning color, the Elk were rutting, and most of the businesses were still open for the season.

I’ve always wanted to photograph waterfalls. Being a Saskatchewan based photographer doesn’t exactly give me a lot of opportunities to do that. This is a very accessible spot and I’ve seen many photographs of it, but I still enjoyed taking my own and coming up with a composition that wasn’t quite the standard tourist shot I had seen so much of.