Stormy Abandon

Stormy Abandon

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“Stormy Abandon” - A low hanging cloud overtaking an abandoned homestead on the Canadian Prairies in Saskatchewan.  

On the day I took this shot in July of 2014 I had forecasted storms to start between Oyen and Acadia Valley Alberta, an area that I’ve waited for storms to start many times. We pulled up to Acadia Valley just as the storm initiated, dropping a funnel cloud that never quite touched the ground.

The storm became outflow dominant, dropping a lot of rain and some hail as it blasted into Saskatchewan at a high rate of speed packing very strong winds. I had to drive through a deluge of some of the heaviest rain I’ve encountered, near Kindersley, to get ahead of the storm. It was moving very quickly and there was not a lot of time to get out for pictures, but when I saw this old abandoned homestead I quickly pulled over and got out to take a few quick shots.

This photo went on to win 2nd place in the “Wild Weather” category in Canadian Georgraphic's 30th Annual Photo Competition.