Twilight homestead

Twilight homestead

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“Twilight Homestead” An old homestead at Twilight in Saskatchewan.  

It had been a while since I had shot an old homestead – thunderstorms had taken over my life since May. It was a good year for thunderstorms (well, if you like them… it was) and all of the rain that the storms had dropped acted as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It was a good year for mosquitoes, if you like them…. (I hate them, they serve no purpose….)

I tried this shot a few days earlier but the mosquitoes tried to kill me and I later found I didn’t have a memory card in the camera anyways!! Rookie mistake.

So… on this night I got out of the truck just at twilight, the mosquitoes didn’t seem to be too bad. I hiked through some very tall lush grass, got into position and set up my shot.

I then heard a tiny little voice say “get him boys” I could hear the swarm approaching, like a chainsaw. Like 3 chainsaws! Was it stop, drop and roll? No, that was for fire…

They were on me quickly, thousands of them, vicious and unrelenting… little vampire blood suckers. I breathed 4 of them into my mouth and throat trying to escape the jungle. I hoped I’d cross paths with a skunk that could spray me and keep the mosquitoes away, I was desperate.

I was really happy to see this photo turned out. They say you need to suffer for your art. I prefer frostbite.