Prelate Patterson Elevator

Prelate Patterson Elevator

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“Prelate Patterson Elevator” 
The last standing grain elevator in Prelate. Sadly it burned down on an early Tuesday morning in January 2017. 

The town of Prelate was incorporated in 1913, the same year the rail line was built. The first elevator was built in 1914. 2 years later due to great crops, there were 4 more elevators in town. In 1923 one of Prelate’s elevators was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.

In 1970 Prelate had 5 grain elevators (2 Sask wheat pool, 2 Pioneer, 1 Patterson). These elevators were literal landmarks; sentinels on the prairie that could be seen from many miles away, town names proudly displayed.

I remember being able to see the elevators at Mendham, Prelate, and Leader all at the same time when driving to Leader from the South. This usually meant I knew that we were almost home from Medicine Hat. It brings back nice memories. At the time I never realized that my generation would be the last to be able witness that.