A sun halo, atmospheric optics that look like the eye of god in Saskatchewan

Eye in the Sky

Ryan Wunsch Photography

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“Eye in the Sky” A sun halo in Saskatchewan, the Eye of God

I saw this as I was coming home from Saskatoon where I had attended the CBC Future 40 banquet accepting my award as a winner for CBC Saskatchewan 40 under 40 the night before. 

I first saw a sun halo near Eatonia. Pretty cool, but also pretty common that time of year (as they are now).

Then it started looking like a big eyeball staring right at me. I really didn’t feel like stopping, I was getting close to home, but jumped out of the truck for a quick shot of it just to prove it was there.

Many people said it looked like the Eye of God. The photo shows a complete 22 degree sun halo, upper and lower tangent arcs, a rare parry arc and 2 infralateral arcs on the lower corners. Sun halo’s are believed by many traditional cultures to mark a time of great change.